Hannah Rittner was inspired to write The Unbelievers after reading Rukmini Callimachi’s New York Times articles on ISIS’ sexual enslavement and trafficking of Yazidi women.

LACE believes firmly in the fusion of art and politics as a powerful force of social change, and in the platform of storytelling to inspire restorative action. In alignment with this mission, LACE will leverage The Unbelievers to spark discussion and action around the Yazidi cultural genocide, ISIS, sex trafficking, Islamaphobia, intersectional feminism, and allyship.

LACE is honoured to partner with Yazda – A Global Yazidi Organization – which is leading initiatives to restore the Yazidi community and uplift survivors of the 2014 Yazidi Genocide. We are proud to donate 100% of our opening night revenue from The Unbelievers directly to Yazda’s mission. Furthermore, Yazda’s Director of Women’s Affairs, Rozin Hanjool, is providing invaluable consultant support to ensure the show is written with cultural sensitivity and impact.  


Yazda supports Yazidi women and girls who have escaped ISIS enslavement through the following methods:

  • Provide urgent humanitarian aid to Yazidi women and girls upon their rescue, including an emergency fund for food, clothes, and medical needs.

  • Maintain an administrative database for all victims and prioritize their needs.

  • Provide psychological and trauma treatment through the Yazda program or referral to specialist organizations or other resources.

  • Provide education opportunities for our supported women. Use educational tools to support trauma therapy and provide new skills, allowing these women to attain or regain self-sufficiency.

  • Connect our supported women with medical specialists and hospitals, especially those who require urgent treatment due to physical, sexual, or mental abuse.

  • Provide legal counsel, especially in obtaining or renewing government documents which they have lost.

  • Sponsor social programs and activities to facilitate their reintegration into society.

  • Apply for relevant programs such as the Iraqi Government Women Social Support Program and other internationally available resources.

You can read more about the important work Yazda does with survivors here


Nadia Murad is a 21-year-old activist that has been speaking out against the sex-trafficking crisis of Yazidi women at the hands of ISIS. She is a survivor herself, and was able to escape after enslavement. Nadia has spoken to numerous governments across the world – including the United Nations – and Yazda is her official sponsor.



You can hear her powerful story here:




As part of our fight for peace and restorative action, 100% of opening night revenue from The Unbelievers will directly support Yazda’s mission. We encourage you to consider making an additional donation to Yazda’s mission, which you can do here, or to volunteer you time and energy. Every little bit makes a difference.